[ Pandora 6.4 Exlusive Update ]

Pandora 6.4 Exlusive Update

- Added Activation/Renewal by "activation code"

- Added repair/patch CERT support for Oppo/Realme/OnePlus phones in Preloader mode (for compatible FW)

- Improved and added support new security Repair and Patch CERT for Oppo/Realme/OnePlus

- Added support MTK phones:

CPH2357 Oppo Reno8 Pro 5G, CPH2437 Oppo Find N2 Flip, CPH2481 Oppo Reno8 T, CPH2607 Oppo Reno11 Pro 5G,
OPD2201 Oppo Pad 2, OPD2202 Oppo Pad 2, OPD2301 Oppo Pad Air 2, OPD2302 Oppo Pad Neo, OPD2303 Oppo Pad Neo,
PHV110 Oppo Reno10 Pro 5G, PJH110 Oppo Reno11 5G

Realme Pad 2 RMP2204/RMP2205

OnePlus CPH2389 Nord N300, CPH2399, CPH2401 Nord 2T, CPH2469 Nord N20 SE

Oukitel C21 Plus, Oukitel C31, Oukitel C31 Pro, Oukitel C90 Pro, Oukitel F150 H2022, Oukitel RT2,
Oukitel RT3, Oukitel WP18 Pro, Oukitel WP20 Pro, Oukitel WP22, Oukitel WP30 Pro

Blackview BL8000, Blackview BL8800, Blackview BL8800 Pro, Blackview BL9000, Blackview BV4800
Blackview BV5200, Blackview BV5200 Pro, Blackview BV5300, Blackview BV5300 Plus, Blackview BV5300 Pro,
Blackview BV6200, Blackview BV6200 Pro, Blackview BV7100, Blackview BV7200, Blackview BV8900,
Blackview BV8900 Pro, Blackview BV9200, Blackview Oscal C30, Blackview Oscal C30 Pro,
Blackview Oscal S60 Pro Night Vision, Blackview Oscal S70, Blackview Oscal S70 Pro, Blackview Oscal S80,
Blackview Tab 13, Blackview Tab 13 Pro, Blackview Tab 11 WiFi, Blackview A96, Blackview A200 Pro,
Blackview Active 8 Pro, Blackview BV9300, Blackview BV9300 Pro, Blackview N6000, Blackview Oscal Tiger 12,
Blackview Shark 8, Blackview Tab 18‌

Kyocera: A001KC Katan Sumaho 2, A201KC Katan Sumaho 2 Plus, KC-T304, KC-T304C,
KY-42C Digno Keitai R, KY-43C Digno Mobile Cameraless, KYT34 Digno Tab WiMAX 2 Plus,
KYV47 Basio 4, KYV48 Gratina, S6-KC S6, S8-KC S8

Umidigi A13 Pro 5G, Umidigi A13 Pro Max 5G

Sparx Neo X

Xiaomi Redmi 13C/Poco C65 (Thanks for iProServis(Hojiakbar))

- Added support new Unisoc phones:

Oukitel C32, Oukitel C36

Sparx Neo 5 Plus, Sparx Neo 7 Ultra, Sparx Neo 7 Plus, Sparx S3, Sparx S9‌

Blackview A52 Pro, Blackview A53, Blackview A53 Pro, Blackview Active 6, Blackview Active 8,
Blackview Oscal C70, Blackview Oscal Flat 1C, Blackview Oscal Modern 8, Blackview Oscal Pad 13,
Blackview Oscal Pad 15, Blackview Oscal Pad 16, Blackview Oscal Pad 18, Blackview Oscal Spider 8,
Blackview Oscal Tiger 10, Blackview Tab 3 Kids, Blackview Tab 7 Pro, Blackview Tab 12 Pro, Blackview Wave 6C,
Blackview Tab 15 Pro, Blackview Tab 16, Blackview Tab 60, Blackview Tab 60 Kids, Blackview Tab 80

Nokia C22 (TA-1533, TA-1536, TA-1539, TA-1541)‌

Umidigi A13 Tab, Umidigi A15, Umidigi A15C, Umidigi A15 Tab, Umidigi Active T1, Umidigi G3 Max,
Umidigi G3 Plus, Umidigi G5, Umidigi G5 Mecha, Umidigi G5 Tab, Umidigi G5 Tab Kids

RMX3830 Realme C51, RMX3834 Realme Note 50, RMP2105 Realme Pad Mini, RMP2106 Realme Pad Mini

- GUI: Added Turkish and Arabic languages

- GUI: New button icons