Samsung Tool Pro activation

Samsung  Tool Pro is a professional phone software servicing device. Supported

  • Flash
  • Unlock
  • Remove Screen Lock
  • Repair IMEINVM/EFS, Root etc for 95% Samsung Smartphones.

Get a working device customized to suit your needs!

Easy-Jtag PLUS Activation

EasyJTAG PLUS Box is a professional JTAG programmer allowing you to work with devices(single or united into common chain) through JTAG interface.  This is a very convenient all in one solution supporting eMMC, Jtag, ISP, SPI, NAND protocols. Providing the possibility of

  • eMMC firmware and boot repair
  • data recovery
  • SPI memory programming and more others features.
LG activation

Z3X LG Activation– software product which enables your Z3X-Box working with the latest LG handsets:

  • repair
  • unfreeze,
  • unlock,
  • flashing and repair IMEI, NVM, camera, network etc.

Despite its name suggesting LG only, it currently supports LG, HTC, Motorola, Huawei, Sharp, ZTE, Lenovo and Blackberry devices.

More products

EasyJtag Plus Box Update\nv3.7.0.11. Lot of changes. Speed Increased Up to 10x times.

EasyJtag Plus Box Update v3.7.0.11. Lot of changes. Speed Increased Up to 10x times. Gui/Core Changes: Added: automatic resize of USERDATA. Added: smart resize of any partition. Added: new QC loaders. Added: new functions in EasyAPI Added: asynchronous disk i/o for UFS/eMMC/NAND. Improved: UFS Read/Write Speed Increased up to 6Mb/s. Improved: GPT partitions manager. Improved: gui for Windows 10. Fixed: software crash in reading GPT in some cases New EasyJTAG Plus 2.52 Firmware changes: Added: New UFS High performance Core. Improved: UFS operations stability. Fixed: Toshiba UFS Write NAK Error bug. Added ISP pinouts for such devices: - Acer Iconia Tab A3-A10 - Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 (X00Td Zb601Kl) - Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 (X01Ad Zb633Kl) - Bush Tablet Ac101Bu - Digma Plane 7700T 4G Ps1127Pl - Htc Desire X T329E Pm66100 - Huawei Honor 7 Plk-L01 - Huawei Honor 8A Jat-Lx1 - Huawei Honor 8S Ksa-Lx9 - Huawei Mate 20 Lite Sne-Lx1 - Huawei P Smart Ine-Lx1 - Infinix Hot S 573 - Kyocera E6560 - Lenovo Zuk Z2 Plus Z2132 - Lg H522Y - Lg Lmq610Ta - Lg Lmx410As - Lg Lmx410Um - Lg Lmx420Emw - Lg Lmx510Wm - Lg M322 - Motorola Moto G7 Play Xt1952 - Nokia 6 1 Plus Ta-1116 - Nokia Lumia 510 Rm-889 - Oppo A71K - Oppo A71 Mtk (Cph1717) - Oppo A83 Cph1729 - Oppo F3 (Cph1609) - Oppo F3 Plus - Oppo F9 Cph1823 - Realme 1 - Realme 2 Pro - Realme 2 Rmx1805 - Realme 3 Pro Rmx1851 Bga254 - Realme 5 - Realme C1 Rmx1811 - Realme C2 Hipower(Usb Powered) - Realme C2 Rmx1841 Rmx1845 Rmx1945 - Realme U1 - Samsung A10S Sm-A107F - Samsung Galaxy A10 A105 - Samsung Sm-A015F - Samsung Sm-A015G - Samsung Sm-A015M - Samsung Sm-A260F - Samsung Sm-A750Fn - Samsung Sm-G398Fn - Samsung Sm-J510F - Sony Xperia Xa1 Ultra G3212 - Vivo 1807 Y95 - Vivo S1 - Vivo U10 1916 (Pd1928F) - Vivo U10 - Vivo Y51 Pd1510F - Xiaomi Mi 8 Se - Xiaomi Redmi 7A - Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 - Google Pixel 2 G011A - Google Pixel Sailfish G-2Pw4100 - Lenovo Zuk Z2 Pro (Z2121) - Lg Ls993 - Lg Ls998 - Oneplus 3T A3010 - Samsung Sm-A920Fn-X - Samsung Sm-G930A - Samsung Sm-G930Vl - Samsung Sm-G950F - Samsung Sm-G950N - Samsung Sm-G955F - Samsung Sm-G955U - Samsung Sm-G965U - Samsung Sm-G973F - Samsung Sm-N950U - Samsung Sm-N960F - Samsung Sm-N960N - Samsung Sm-N975F - Xiaomi Black Shark Skr-A0 #NEWS

Samsung Tool Pro 40.3-40.5 Released. First in the world.

New phones added to supported: - SM-A217F (Flashing, Direct READ codes via server, reboot download/recovery) - First in the world - SM-A217M (Flashing, Direct READ codes via server, reboot download/recovery) - First in the world Addition support/new security added: - SM-J410G (Read codes latest security without downgrade/combination - First in the world - SM-J415FN (Read codes latest security without downgrade/combination) - First in the world - SM-J415G (Read codes latest security without downgrade/combination) - First in the world - SM-J610F (Read codes latest security without downgrade/combination) - First in the world - SM-J610G (Read codes latest security without downgrade/combination) - First in the world More updates coming soon.. #NEWS

Samsung Tool PRO 40.2 Update. World First.

Latest security added for read codes/unlock depend on model. First in the world SC2M SM-A102N SM-A102U SM-A102U1 SM-A102W SM-A105F SM-A105FN SM-A105G SM-A105M SM-A105N SM-A202F SM-A202K SM-A205F SM-A205FN SM-A205GN SM-A205S SM-A205U SM-A205U1 SM-A205W SM-A205YN SM-A260F SM-A260G SM-A3050 SM-A3051 SM-A3058 SM-A305F SM-A305FN SM-A305G SM-A305GN SM-A305GT SM-A305N SM-A305YN SM-A307FN SM-A307G SM-A307GN SM-A307GT SM-A405FM SM-A405FN SM-A405S SM-A505F SM-A505FM SM-A505FN SM-A505G SM-A505GN SM-A505GT SM-A505U SM-A505U1 SM-A505W SM-A5070 SM-A507FN SM-A515F SM-A515U SM-A515U1 SM-A515W SM-A530F SM-A530N SM-A530W SM-A600A SM-A600AZ SM-A600F SM-A600FN SM-A600G SM-A600GN SM-A600N SM-A600U SM-A750C SM-A750F SM-A750FN SM-A750G SM-A750GN SM-G398FN SM-G611K SM-G611L SM-G911M SM-G611MT SM-G611S SM-G715FN SM-G715U SM-G715U1 SM-G715W SM-G889A SM-G889F SM-G889Y SM-G960F SM-G960N SM-G965F SM-G965N SM-G970F SM-G970N SM-G973F SM-G973N SM-G975F SM-G975N SM-G977B SM-G977N SM-J260F SM-J260G SM-J260M SM-J260Y SM-J400F SM-J400G SM-J400M SM-J600F SM-J600FN SM-J600G SM-J600GF SM-J600GT SM-J600L SM-J600N SM-J701F SM-J701M SM-J701MT SM-J720F SM-J720M SM-M105F SM-M105G SM-M105M SM-M105Y SM-M107F SM-M205F SM-M205FN SM-M205G SM-M205M SM-M205N SM-M215F SM-M305F SM-M305M SM-M3070 SM-M307F SM-M307FN SM-M315F SM-N770F SM-N950F SM-N950N SM-N960F SM-N960N SM-N970F SM-N971N SM-N973F SM-N975F SM-P205 SM-P615 SM-P615C SM-P615N SM-P617 SM-T307U SM-T515 SM-T515N SM-T517 SM-T927A New update coming soon after beta testing. #NEWS

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