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gt-E2222 unlocking problem,please see.

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Registered: Aug 2009
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i'm trying to unlock samsung duos gt-e222 but phone not detected. i'm using nokia ca-101 micro-usb cable with samsung kies v2.0.2.11071 installed.

i also tried the key combinations Q+Home & Q+A but z3x still not detecting phone.

please advise what did i missed or not doing.

hoping for your response soon:)

Registered: Aug 2009
Posts: 9
problem solved, thanks:)
Registered: Nov 2009
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How problem sloved?
Registered: Sep 2011
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q+w+a+s and conect usb cable

Selected model: E2222
Selected com port: COM3
Selected speed port: 921600
Press "volume down" + "lock" and connect USB cable to phone
Connect to control pipe... OK
Processor ID -> 0A34
Sending loader... OK
Connect to control pipe... OK
Connect to write pipe... OK
Connect to read pipe... OK
Damping... OK
Repair IMEI block
Repair IMEI block
Erasing... OK
Sending... OK
Repair - ok
Elapsed time: 160 second, sw ver: 3.5.0027

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