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GT-S5620 ????

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Any idea on when support will be added for this model as i see the flash files are already in support

many thanks :D
Registered: Apr 2010
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hello evrey body help me i try unlock samsung s5620 with flash z3x box flsahing is ok but i dont no, phone why no on completed stiil and grren skin eb phone plz every body help me how to can i repiar this phone
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reflash with multidowloader 5.62 on support with boot - CPU options BRCM2153
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Can you please explain me in detail wat problem exactly you facing with samsung s5620 monte???
For more detail refer :
Samsung and China Editor support
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Download multiloader v5.62 from support

Run it

Connect phone to pc in download mode (wol.down + camera + power) and press port search in multiloader

Choice all available Flash files and boot files and flash phone as BRCM2153 (loock top of downloader window)

After this your phone must alive!

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