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EasyJTAG Box is a professional JTAG programmer allowing you to work with devices(single or united into common chain) through JTAG interface.
The main intended purpose of EasyJTAG Box is repairing dead boots of the devices (routers, aricards, smartphones, PDAs, modems, mp3 players, etc.) or these devices recovery until they become fully operational.
Support wide range of CDMA/GSM mobile phones and modems brands: samsung, lg, zte, huawei, sony, AMOI , htc, GSMART, Sierra Wireless ets.
EasyJTAG Software is Windows application for EasyJTAG Box providing fast and easy interface for devices recovery.


Supported chipsets and cores for JTAG I/O operations:

* Generic ARM Cores: ARM7, ARM9 (ARM920, ARM926, ARM946), ARM11, CORTEX-A8,CORTEX-A9;
* Qualcomm QSC Family: QSC1100, QSC1110, QSC6010, QSC6020, QSC6030, QSC6055, QSC6085, QSC6240, QSC6270;
* Qualcomm MSM Family: MSM6000, MSM6150, MSM6245, MSM6246, MSM6250, MSM6250A, MSM6260, MSM6275, MSM6280, MSM6280A, MSM6281, MSM6800A, MSM6801A, MSM6290, MSM7225, MSM7227, MSM7625, MSM7627, MSM7230, MSM8255, MSM8255T, MSM8260;
* Qualcomm QSD Family: QSD8250, QSD8650;
* Marvell/XScale Family: PXA270, PXA271, PXA272, PXA310, PXA312, PXA320.
* Samsung Processors: S5P6422, S5PV310,S5PC110,S5PC210
and more.

Jtag pinfinder specification:

Easy-JTAG Pinfinder is an unique hardware feature of Easy-JTAG BOX that helps find JTAG pins in Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Haier, Chinese Mobiles, Huawei, ZTE, Alcatel and other CDMA and GSM phones.
EasyJTAG Pinfinder allows you to benefit from EasyJTAG Suite software as well.

Easy-JTAG Box Pinfinder – Features:

– UltraFast pinout detection algorithm ( max time 10 seconds )
– No need any user iteration for finding main JTAG pins.
– Detection of main jtag pins ( TCK , TMS , TDO , TDI and TRST )
– Dynamic IO voltage selection 1.8 – 3.6V.
– Allow manual pinout selection and correction rom GUI
– Allow save and restore found pinouts in profiles.
– Regular firmware updates.
– Easy-JTAG Box Pinfinder – Technical Details
– Technology: Ultrafast FPGA JTAG Mux ( JSpider technology )
– Static JTAG lines : GND ( wired on 20th pin of JTAG header )
– Maximal finder pin count : 19 ( can be extended to 26 with RJ45 port )
– Maximal time for detection pinouts : 10s
– Minimal IO voltage : 1.8
– Maximal IO voltage : 3.6

EASY-JTAG full hardware specification:

– USB 2.0 High Speed Buffered Interface:
We use an native USB Stack. Upstream data are directly arrives to box MCU without getting slowed by bottleneck technologies like Prolific or FTDI chips.
CDC Stack are give enough performance to match high load pplications.

– Native USB CCID Smart Card Reader:
Security are very important part of all GSM software project.
We use military standart GEMALTO Security for most our software.
Box has such card reader avaiable to software in native way. Box are fully capable with previous Z3X box based on FTDI and Alcor logics.
It use same card and same software. Its amazing , You can install your existing security card in box and get perfect 3-in-1 magic solution.

– Super Speed Xilinx FPGA Driven Core:
Field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) are devices that contain programmable logic and interconnects.
Incorporating FPGAs into the design of Z3X jtag box ensures that users are able to program or configure boards to erform basic logic gate functions such as AND and/or XOR, as well as, more complex combinational functions such as decoders bus controllers and pinout searching logic.

Supports files:

– More than 100Gb special files for repair
– Daily update files
– Fast download server

Supported models:

[BENQ]: EF81,SG75,SXG75
[LG]RD3100,RD3500,RD3510,RD3530,RD3000, E400,E405,GT540,SH650,KH1200,CT810
[ZTE] MF100,MF170,MF180S,F116
[GSMART] G1317
[HAIER] HC-2030,HC-C6300,HC-C5100,
[HUAWEI] E1550, U7510S, U8160, C2803
[SAMSUNG] SCH-I920CP, SGH-Z230, GT-I5700, GT-S8000, SCH-S189, SCH-B209, SCH-B339, SCH-I920, SGH-T989, GT-S5660, GT-S5670, 706SC, 930SC, GT-B6520, GT-B7350,GT-C5510,GT-I9000,GT-I9001, GT-I9100,GT-N7000,GT-P1000,GT-P6200,GT-S3370,GT-S3650,GT-S5230,GT-S5250,GT-S5360L,GT-S5380D,GT-S5560,GT-S5570, GT-S5830I,GT-S6500D,GT-S7230E,GT-S8500,SCH-I500,SCH-I535,SGH-G800,SGH-I727,SGH-I777,SGH-I917,SGH-I997,SGH-T679, SGH-T929,SGH-Z170,SGH-Z320I,SGH-Z500,SGH-Z510,SGH-Z630,SGH-Z720,SGH-ZV10,SGH-ZX10,SPH-D710,YP-G1,SGH-Z620, SGH-Z150,GT-I9003,SGH-T959V,GT-S5830,GT-S3850
[SIERRA] 597
[ZTE] S131-T
and many more.

Impossible to activate into old schlumberger/egate cards (serial number not like Axxx-xxxx or Fxxx-xxxx)

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